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Job applicants Privacy Policy


This Privacy Notice describes how BDO in BAHRAIN (“BDO BAHRAIN”) handles personal data you submit when applying for a job. Please read this document carefully to understand how BDO BAHRAIN uses and protects the information you provide.

Throughout this Privacy Notice we use the term “processing” to cover all activities involving your personal information, including collecting, handling, storing, sharing, accessing, using, transferring and disposing of the information.

Your choice and consent

Providing your application data is voluntary. However, if you decline to submit requested candidate data, our ability to consider you as a candidate may be limited.

By submitting your application data, you: 

  • declare that you have read, understood and accepted this Privacy Notice;
  • are granting your consent to the holding and processing of your data in accordance with this notice;
  • are declaring that the information given in the application is complete and true to the best of your knowledge, and understand that incorrect statements could lead to your application being rejected;
  • are authorizing BDO BAHRAIN to verify statements contained in this application and to make any necessary reference checks.

BDO BAHRAIN reserves the right to modify this policy by posting changes to the careers page on our website ( If you submit your data following the effective date of a modified policy, your information will be handled in accordance with the policy in effect at that time. We recommend that you check the Privacy Notice on our website each time you send BDO BAHRAIN an application or additional candidate data.

Data we collect and process about you

This Privacy Notice covers any candidate data you submit to BDO BAHRAIN for the recruiting process. This may include but is not limited to the following information:

  • your name, contact details and candidate status (including family details);
  • information included in your CV or cover letter, such as job history, academic background, skills and competencies, personal interests, languages spoken, questionnaire results;
  • job preferences and type of employment sought, willingness to relocate;
  • current and historic salary details together with salary expectations;
  • assessment: CV, psychometric tests (such as a situational judgement test, ability or personality test), interview (face to face, telephone or video), behavioural assessments (such as a role play, group exercise or presentation), medical assessment details, technical assessments;
  • names and contact details for references. Please note that it is your responsibility to obtain consent from your references prior to providing us personal information about them;

BDO BAHRAIN may collect data directly from you or from third parties, for example when doing a background check or employment reference. This is subject to your consent where required by law.

For the avoidance of doubt, BDO BAHRAIN does not wish to receive any confidential or proprietary information which you have received from your previous employers.

For what purpose will your data be used

The personal data you provide in your application and as part of the recruitment process will only be held and processed to facilitate the selection process and in connection with any subsequent employment. Your personal data may be used to assess your application for employment at BDO BAHRAIN, to verify your information, to conduct reference checks, to communicate with you and to inform you of further career opportunities.

Regulatory screening 

  • In order to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations in relation to anti-money laundering and sanctions restrictions, we will screen your name against global sanctions lists. The screening will simply involve searching our internal and third-party databases to ensure you are not on a sanctioned list. We are not able to employ anyone on a sanctions list. 
  • In addition, in order to comply with our legal obligations relating to anti-bribery and corruption, we will also perform searches and ask questions to assess whether there is a potential bribery or corruption risk to the role based on your personal and political associations. If there is a risk, we will look to assess what additional internal controls we need to put in place to reduce that risk.
  • Given the nature of our business, we have legal and regulatory obligations to ensure that the people we employ can be relied upon to handle client money and information responsibly. We therefore ask questions about any prior civil or criminal proceedings you may have been subject to and may also conduct criminal record checks. 

In the event of your application resulting in the offer and your acceptance of a position at BDO BAHRAIN, the data collected will become part of your employment record and will be used for employment purposes.

Who can access your data

Only selected employees of BDO BAHRAIN - such as management team members, potential future line managers or HR staff - and selected third parties who support us with the recruitment process, will have access to your personal data. 

The recruitment process will involve:

  • assessing and progressing your application;
  • assessing your suitability (skills, strengths, behaviours for the role);
  • activities needed to complete the on-boarding and screening process should your application be successful.

To enable these processes your personal information may be shared internally, but the information shared is limited to what is required by each individual to perform their role in the recruitment process.

Your personal information may be shared internally with the following people, as a minimum but not limited to:

  • employees in HR who have responsibility for certain HR processes (for example recruitment, assessment, pre-employment screening);
  • those employees who would have managerial responsibility for you or are acting on their behalf;
  • employees in Legal, Conduct, Risk, HR, Regulatory and Fraud with responsibility for
  • investigating issues of non-compliance with laws and regulations, policies and contractual requirements;
  • employees in IT and system owners who manage user access;
  • audit and Investigations employees in relation to specific audits/investigations; and
  • administrators / security managers for facilities / premises.

Except as set out in this policy or as required by local law (e.g. for processing of employment visa, etc.), your personal data will not be supplied to any third party without your explicit authorization.

Data retention

Your personal data shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for the recruitment process. In addition to using your data for the position for which you have applied, BDO BAHRAIN may retain and use your application data to consider you for other positions, for a maximum period of 12 months. Therefore, unsuccessful application data will be deleted after the period of 12 months from completion of the hiring process.

If after this period, we feel it necessary to retain your records, we will write to you. The request to retain your records will set out the reasons why we wish to hold the information for a longer time period. If you do not want to be considered for other positions, BDO BAHRAIN will delete all your data. If we do not receive a response with 4 weeks, we will delete your records.

If your application has been successful and you are hired, the corresponding application data may be used in connection with your employment consistent with data protection policies.

Legal basis

BDO BAHRAIN will handle job application data in accordance with the data protection laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Where the law provides less protection than this privacy notice, BDO BAHRAIN will handle your data in accordance with this notice.

Your rights

You are entitled to see the information BDO BAHRAIN holds about you. You can also request changes to be made to incorrect information. You can ask for information to be deleted or blocked if you legitimately think that BDO BAHRAIN shouldn’t be processing that information or is processing it incorrectly. 

If you have any queries about this notice or your personal information generally, including questions about accessing your personal information or correcting it, you should contact HR People Services in the first instance.

It is your responsibility to keep your personal information up to date so that accurate application records can be maintained. 

As this document is updated, the current versions will be posted on the BDO BAHRAIN website.

Acknowledgement & consent to use of personal data

  • I acknowledge that I have read the privacy notice and understand the basis and purpose for which my personal data would be used by BDO BAHRAIN.
  • I acknowledge that I have provided my personal data of my own free will and that the data provided is accurate.
  • I consent the use of my personal data by BDO BAHRAIN in accordance with the privacy notice.
  • I understand my rights and obligations under this privacy notice and that I will adhere to the same.